Design consultancy services

We advise:

On buying a house in the Sitges or Barcelona: If you have seen a property that interests you, but are unsure about the work to be done and the costs involved.

Our advice is independent and to the point.

  • How to change your existing home structurally or alter the interior design, including the colors.
  • On the design of new kitchens, demonstrative speech example cause and effect writing topics swimming pools, extensions and all types of living and public accommodations.
  • On quick make-overs for a quick sale or let of your property.
  • How you can “Do It Yourself” to improve you own property.
  • Use our experience in restoring and building.

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With our on-the-job experience we can give you advice on any esthetic or technical question in the field of real estate in Spain. Find here a combined 30 years of experience in designing, building and selling real estate in Sitges, Barcelona and surroundings, at your service.

Older houses like farmhouses or Classic villas need more than just a good eye to enhance them or rebuild them. The know-how of the foundation & soil, of the “skeleton” of your house, build with of stones, clay and wood, of moisture problems, of paint and adherence issues (just to name a few items), is vital. Local construction companies or architects often miss the combination of technical knowledge, practical experience and gift for design.

Budget-wise it is vital to have both knowledge and experience in building, technical solutions and design. You do not want to end up like so many Spanish house owners; with a half-finished house and your money spend.

Hire us to give you input on all of these levels. That is the first, the smallest and most important investment you will make.

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